Looking to make a bigger impact with your online marketing? Short marketing videos are a great way to increase your brand exposure for a relatively low cost. It’s hard to ignore the compelling statistics available about video. Items like “59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.”

Let’s take your marketing plan to the next level and produce a engaging video for your business or product. The Minnesota Website Company will work with you to define the video purpose and target. From there, we’ll develop a script. We can shoot the video on location or in our 1,000 square foot studio. Once you have reviewed the final product we will advise you on best practices for posting and sharing so you get the most possible exposure.

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Additional Services and Options

  • Subtitles

    Want to ensure your message is heard when the audio is muted? We will create subtitles or closed captioning for your video. Services like Facebook show subtitles by default when audio is muted.

  • Animation

    Animation is a great way to convey motion or process in a video. This isn’t necessarily cartoon type animation, think more along of the lines of animated processes, charts, and text. By using Adobe After Effects, we can add that magic touch to your videos.

  • Voiceovers

    Having quality voice talent read your script can really make a difference in how viewers perceive your video. We can find the perfect voice for your script based on your requirements. A video with a great voice will sound much more professional than cousin Carl recording it on a landline.

  • Music

    Music is another great way to convey a desired feel to video viewers. Imagine all the adjectives used to describe music for your video, things like happy, sad, fast, upbeat, cinematic, soulful and more. We look through hundreds of songs based on your requirements and provide you with a short list of the best.

  • Intro Animations

    A custom intro animation provides a polished look for your videos. These animations can be used for all of your videos to reinforce your brand logo. We can develop a short intro with sound effects for a memorable presentation.

  • Promotion and Ads

    Want to get more viewers for your video? How about more viewers to take action on your video? We can work with you to get your video in front of the correct audience across multiple platforms like You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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