Let’s Build Something Special…

Well here we go, yet another sales pitch to try and convince you we are better then the others in Minnesota. We paint some rosy picture about how we are here for you to do X and Y and how your company will thrive. But then you get the bill or the change order and realize things weren’t so rosy after all.

Thankfully, that’s not how we operate. We want to work with you to build something special, not just a website or a video or a social media post. We want to build a relationship with you. A relationship where we work together to build both of our businesses.

Our Marketing Services

We offer a full array of marketing services to help Minnesota businesses thrive. Here are the most popular.

Camp Ajawah Website Screenshot

Web Design

We specialize in building websites for Minnesota small businesses and non-profits. Whether you need a website to market your organization or a store to sell your products online, we can help.

Minnesota Video Production graphic

Marketing Videos

Some years back we hosted a seminar titled “Reel Results”, a pun on how you could use video to enhance your business. We still believe strongly in the results your organization can achieve by using video in your marketing efforts. Let’s see how we can use video to grow your results!

Minnesota Social Media Graphic

Social Media Management

The Minnesota Website Company can you help you determine how best to use social media. We’ll work with you to identify which platforms would be appropriate for your business. From there, we’ll plan a strategy for developing post content and frequency.

Salmon salad at Zellas

Business Photography

You’ve heard it before, a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps it could be modified to say a good picture equates to better responses. Responses that include sales, comments or views. Let us help take your photography to the next level.

Photoshop Editing

Have a photo that needs some modification? Using our Adobe Photoshop skillset, we can add grass, make the sky blue, even show how a home or storefront would look after a remodel. The attached photo slider shows what this home looked like before it had real grass and after it was photoshopped to have grass.

Minnesota Custom Programming Graphic

Custom Programming

Custom programming covers so many things. Things like automating repetitive computer tasks to reduce labor costs. Things like building custom plugins for WordPress to allow for easy data entry of obituaries. The sky is the limit for custom programming and we can help you implement an appropriate solution.

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